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Masjid William Salaam
Freedom Distributors of Norfolk, Inc.

An independent distributorship associated with CPC (Collective Purchasing Conference), that imports and exports products nationally and internationally. Current products include African Shea Butter  and various clothing items. This business conference was initiated by Imam W. Deen Mohammed and it has approximately 35 distributorships nationally.


President - Vernon M. Fareed
Chairman - Curtis A. Haqq
Treasurer - Clyde Moore
Secretary - Jesse E. Featherston

Phone Contact:
Vernon M Fareed - (757) 852-9553
Clyde Moore-El-Amin - (757) 622-9254
Curtis A. Haqq - (757) 543-4899

Freedom Distributors of Norfolk, Inc.
P.O. Box 896
Norfolk, Virginia 23501